13  JUNE

Munich โ€“ World City with the big Heart

The idea that Munich, capital city of the land of Bavaria is one of the most beautiful and hospitable cities in Germany, is shared not only by the city’s residents, but also by all those who coming here have had the uniqie opportunity to stroll around its streets, admire its monuments or contemplate the beauty of the surrounding countryside. Munich is tradition and innovation, art and entertainment, music and film, industry and services, beer and passion, history and football, and also much more. The famous personalities who have lived and realized their dreams here include the great composer Richard Strauss, King Louis II, the writer Thomas Mann and the father of abstract painting, Wassily Kandinsky.    

With its1.3 mln inhabitants, Munich is Germany’s third largest city. From the economic point of view, Munich is an important business center where many of the country’s most important companies and financial institutions have their headquarters. During the OKTOBERFEST or October Beer Festival attracts millions of visitors every year. Over the 16 days of the festival some 5 million liters of beer are consumed.

MARIENPLATZ, the square which marks the starting-point of this first route around the historic and business area of the city, is the true heart of Munich. ALTES RATHAUS (The old Town Hall) is built in the late 15th century. In the old city is located the Hofbräuhaus (HB) the world’s most famous beer house founded in early 1589. More than 4 million tourists sit at the tables of the Hofbräuhaus every year.
OLYMPIAPARK, BMW WELT (BMW World), ALLIANZ ARENA STADIUM and BOTANICAL GARDEN are the real masterpieces of Munich.