11  JUNE

Bahrain: Small yet overwhelming country

Bahrain is an island country in the Arab Gulf and its name means “two seas”. Bahrain is a country privileged in having a rich history. Persians, Greeks, Ottomans, Arabs, Portuguese, and more recently the British all played an important role in the history, culture and heritage present in Bahrain today.

It’s being said, that Bahrain is not like any other Arab nation. Nowadays, Bahrain is not only one of the most open-minded and liberal Islamic countries within the Arab world, but it is certainly the coolest! Firstly, laws and regulations are not based on a strict interpretation of Islam as in many other Arab countries. Women are allowed to drive, and not mandated to wear burka, or even a hijab. In Bahrain women are also business owners. The discovery of oil led to rapid modernization of the Bahraini way of life, and within a few decades people went from living a desert tents to indulging in the comforts of the Western World.  Alcohol is widely available. Salsa dancing scenes can be observed quite often in the local bars and clubs.

The pearl of the Gulf has been blessed throughout history with an economy that is diversified, strong and continually growing. By the middle of the 19th century, Bahrain became the famed trading center in the Arab Gulf, and even today still acts as a major and influential trading hub throughout the region. With its outline shape like a praying woman, Bahrain has always welcomed people from different origins and religions, and has constantly opened its heart to people from all countries, cultures and nationalities. To understand something, it is better to experience it than simply observe it. So do not postpone to discover this truly magnificent destination.